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The Taste of Fruit

The Taste of Fruit

Something unexpected has happended since I stopped eating meat and diary, I am working towards being vegan so my diet is made up of lots of fruit and vegetables.

I know alot of people dont really enjoy the taste of most fruit when they could be eating cakes and buiscits as snacks but the less processed and animal products I have eaten the more I find I enjoy the taste of fruit.

Now this is not something I have heard about before but since finding this out other people have said the same.

It now makes sense to me why people struggle to eat fruit and vegetables and see them as boring, if the mainstream diet of sugar and salt laiden food degrades the taste of natural food then its easy to find that food more appealing. 

I have also discoved this process is easy to reverse, it takes only a couple of days eating the wrong thing to dull the flavor of natural foods and equally only a couple of days of a healthy diet to get the taste back. So all is not lost!

Do other people experience the same?

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