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5 Reasons why I am a Vegetarian

I have been vegetarian for a few years, it started because of the poor quality meat in our local shops but I stuck to it for more reasons as I thought
about what I was eating.

1) I personally wouldn’t want to kill an animal for any reason so I don’t think I should let someone else do it for me and hide from the fact it has happened

in my name.

2) I love watching animals in the wild and dislike the idea of thinking creatures with no choice on how they live. I have not entirely formulated my thoughs

on this with regard to pets or zoos but I feel uncomfortable with the way society see animals as a product in a plastic tray. I want to engage with where my

food comes from and know how it has
got to my plate. I love growing food from seed and knowing what has gone into the process. You could get this same feeling by raising your own animals but I
don’t wish to do this.

3) In the UK there have been a number of scandals where meat has not been as advertised. For example a lot of processed food was found to contain horse meat
last year, there has also been a report last week that a high number of take away restaurants have been selling Lamb dishes containing different cheaper

meat. I like to know what I am eating and don’t like being lied to!

4) I read a lot of the health studies that come out and a recurring theme is to avoid some types of meat. I would rather avoid meat & salt etc to be on the
safe side. If the studies are wrong at least I tried!

5) I’m not that bothered by the taste of meat. When I did eat meat we tried to buy organic so it had less rubbish in. This means you get the real taste of
meat which I don’t think is that great most of the time. When people make meals with meat they very often fall into cooking one or more pieces of meat then

put some vegetables or salad with it as an after
thought. I have found that vegetarian food tends to have more thought put into flavours and have more elements to the dish which makes for far more
interesting meals in my view.

These are just my views on the subject, I’m sure other people have different ideas on the subject both for and against.

We have also put together a video on this topic so please watch this too for more about this topic.

Please let me know in the comments if you are Vegetarian / Vegan and if so why?

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