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Nightingale walk at Paxton Pits, Cambridgeshire

Nightingale walk at Paxton Pits, Cambridgeshire

Last night we joined a guided walk around Paxton Pits to hear Nightingales sing. We arrived at 7:15pm and found a car park full to bursting with lots of people ready to take part in the walk. There were a number of volunteer guides who know the nature reserve well and groups of 20 people were taken off at intervals to different areas to see what could be found.

Paxton PitsWe joined a group with Bob as leader and set off on the Heron Trail in search of bird song stopping at regular intervals to listen to bird calls. Bob explained the various calls we could hear and explained the difference between the birds songs. The first birds we spotted were Robins and Great Tits in the trees just past the car park followed by a great view of a Heron flying overhead.

Paxton PitsWe heard our first Nightingale shortly after walking along a path with high hedgerows on both sides next to the Heronry South Lake. Bob explained a little about the nightingales habitat and behaviour and told the group the birds had arrived at the pits on 6th April this year.

Paxton PitsOur walk continued along the river where we listened to Chiffchaff and Garden warbler, we had a short spell of light rain but the group continued. We heard different Nightingales a couple of more times as we walked around the lake back towards the visitor centre as the sun set and our guide pointed out good places to see different birds on future walks.

Paxton PitsWe really enjoyed the evening walk and would highly recommend talking part in one of the future guided walks around the pits. I would recommend wearing some good boots and a waterproof jacket and to take some binoculars / camera to spot birds. The walk lasted around 2 hours and cost £2 each.

The visitor centre was open for tea and cake on our return and we had a good rummage through the second hand books on sale in support of the reserve.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/paxtonpitsnaturereserve/

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