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Morning Sunlight

Morning sunlight on maple leaves in the garden.

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Summer Flowers

Summer flowers growing in the hedgerow behind the bird hide.

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Pink Echinacea

Pink echinacea growing in the kitchen garden

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Yellow Garden Flowers

Yellow flowers on our garden bushes.

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First Courgette Ready

The first courgette of the seasson is ready to eat in the garden.

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First Poppies

The first poppy flowers have opened in the garden.

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Wild Flowers

Summer wild flowers growing in the lakeside meadow

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After The Rain

Raindrops on tiny leaves after the summer rain storm

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Spring Sunshine

Spring sunshine bursting through our garden trees

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Garden Flowers

White flowers in the garden border

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Pink Hedgerow Flowers

Pink flowers growing in the hedgerow

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Not Long Till Strawberries!

Not long now till we are eating fresh strawberries from the garden, there are small green berries ready to ripen on the plants.

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Strawberry Flowers

The strawberry plants in the kitchen garden are in flower.

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Poppy Heads

The garden poppies are almost ready to flowers.

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Woodland Sunlight

Sunlight pouring into the woodland through spring leaves

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Bluebells Reaching For The Sky

Bluebells reaching for the sky from the woodland floor.

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Greater Stitchwort

Greater Stitchwort growing in the woodland

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Sunlit Forest

Sunlit forest floor full of bluebells

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Woodland Flowers

Woodland flowers growing in the spring sunshine

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Spring Woodland Flowers

Spring flowers growing on the woodland floor

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