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Beefless Bolognese

Tonight i cooked this beefless bolognese with spaghetti for dinner.


Vegan Shopping Haul February 2017 (Video)

Our shopping haul that was delivered this morning full of nice vegan / vegetarian ingredients.

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Pea And Lemon Risotto (Video)

Tonight I cooked a Pea and Lemon Risotto from the Keep it Vegan book. 

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What We Cooked Today (Video)

See what we cooked and ate today, all vegan and all home cooked.

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January Lunchtime Walk (Video)

The sun was out this lunchtime so I took the chance to go for a nice winter walk.

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Vegan Food Haul January 2017 (Video)

A look at our shopping delivery including vegetables, fruit, store cupboard and toiletries. All vegan.

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Winter Sunshine In The Pine Woods.

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Leek, Chestnut & Wild Mushroom Risotto (Video)

Tonight i cooked this very earthy winter risotto. 


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6 Benefits Of Kale (Video)


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Sunday Afternoon Walk (Video)

A Sunday afternoon walk around the lake duck spotting and through the woods.

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What To Do With Your Old Christmas Tree (Video)

Our Christmas decorations are coming down today so I am looking at what to do with out cut tree no we have finished with it.

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Vegan Shopping Haul & Weeks Meals (Video)

Our shopping haul the first week after Christmas, all the recipes are from a new book we have got peace and parsnips.

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What's The Difference Between Vegetarian And Vegan? (Video)

Francine Rollin asked this question so here is the answer! Im sure there are loads of people who dont know.

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Diary Idea: Intro (Video)

A little idea I have been trying in my diary to make it easier to find entries.

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2017 Goals (Video)

My new year list of 5 goal for 2017

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Garden Plans For January 2017 (Video)

Plans for the garden in January 2017

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Camping Christmas Presents Haul (Video)

Camping Christmas presents haul

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December In The Garden (Video)

A look at the garden in December with lots of frost!

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Stationary Christmas Present Haul (Video)

A look at the stationary Christmas presents i got this year.

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Diy Christmas Bunting (Video)

Making some diy Christmas bunting from 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and ribbon.

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