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Daffodills And Pansies

Today i have changed all the flowers in our flower pots.

October Woodland (Video)

Today we went through the woods at Aspley and found lots of squirrels and mushrooms.

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Hayley Wood Walk (Video)

Join us for a autumn walk around Hayley woods.

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October 2016 Shopping Haul (Video)

Sharing todays food shopping haul with lots of fresh fruit, veg, nuts and seeds.

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October Morning Walk (Video)

This morning I went for a 25 min walk around the lake and found lots of Autumn berries.

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Which Vegan Cheese? (Video)

Today I answered a question from Francis Mata who asked "vegan cheese, can u recommend a good one?"

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Vegan Questions: Where Do We Eat? (Video)

Today i have answered a question from Laura Evens who asked about what we eat when we go out for dinner.

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Cookbook Recommendations (Video)

Following a comment asking about Cookbook Recommendations I have put together some of our most used books with some examples of recipes we have used.

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September 2016 In The Garden (Video)

Looking around the garden in September 2016, see how all the fruits and vegetables are doing and what needs to be done before winter.

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July 2016 In The Garden (Video)

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Potting Lettuce In The Garden (Video)

Planting lettuce seedlings on into pots and a grow bag.

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Gardeners World Live 2016 (Video)

A look around the Gardeners World Live 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

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Adding To My Mint Collection (Video)

Adding 4 new types of mint to my collection. I now have Garden mint, chocolate mint, orange mint, apple mint, lavender mint, grapefruit mint & Strawberry mint.

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Aduki Bean Casserole (Video)

Today I am cooking a recipe from the book 'The New Vegan' by Aine Carlin.

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Planting Lettuce Seeds (Video)

Planting out lettuce seeds in a big pot in the garden ready for the summer.

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Cooking Lentil Bolognese (Video)

Cooking a Lentil Bolognese from the Deliciously Ella book by Ella Woodward.

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April Courgette Update (Video)

An update on how the courgettes I have planted this year are coming along and sowing more seeds!

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Potting Spring Flowers (Video)

Today I have planted some spring flowers in new pots on our decking in the garden.

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Seeds Im Planting In March (Video)

Im sorting out seeds that I am going to plant both out in the garden and inside in pots in March including vegetables and flowers.


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Vloguary: No Internet! (Video)

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