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Vloguary: Mexican Dinner

The first day of February, a walk in the nature reserve and a dinner out at a Mexican restaurant.

Book Review: Will Travel For Vegan Food (Video)

Book review of Will travel for food, a book that I got for Christmas and just finished reading.


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Vlogmas: 10th December 2015 (Video)

Todays walk around some pine woods.

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Vlogmas: 7th December 2015 (Video)

Todays vlog walking down a country lane in the sunshine.

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Vlogmas: 1st December 2015 (Video)

Today is the first day of vlogmas, I will try and vlog each day up to Christmas. Today is my lunchtime walk around the woods on a crisp December day.

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The Rowan Tree (Video)

The rowans or mountain-ashes are shrubs or trees in genus Sorbus.

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English Flower Meadows (Video)

Hay meadows and old pastures can contain a rich array of wild flowers, including several scarce species. 

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Re Potting Garden Mint (Video)

Today I have separated our garden mint plant into 3 pots to give it some room to grow and to give us more mint to harvest.

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Crusty No Knead Carrot And Courgette Bread (Video)

Baking a No Knead bread from the book Keep it Vegan by Aine Carlin.

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June 2015 In The Garden (Video)

A look around our gardens in June including a look around the strawberries and lavender with bees in the front garden and the 10 courgette / Zucchini plants and flowers in the back garden.

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The Peacock Butterfly (Video)

The Peacock Butterfly is a familiar sight in gardens across the British Isles and is unmistakable, with quite spectacular eyes on the upperside of the hindwings that give this butterfly its name. 

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Summer In Poorshill Wood (Video)

A walk around Poorshill wood near Woburn in Bedfordshire, UK. Looking at the different trees and flowers in the woods in summer.

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Stiffkey Salt Marsh (Video)

Stiffkey, sometime pronounced Stookey has huge horizons and a vast open expanse of salt marshes with twisting creeks and muddy basins that are subject to tidal flooding twice a day.

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The Oxeye Daisy (Video)

A typical grassland plant, the Oxeye Daisy thrives on roadside verges and waste ground, as well as in traditional hay meadows and along field edges deliberately looked after for wildflowers - swathes of gently swaying Oxeye Daisies can turn a field or roadside white in summer. 

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Chocolate Birthday Cake (Video)

This week I cooked the Chocolate birthday cake recipe from Keep it vegan. 

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Cow Parsley (Video)

Cow parsley is also known as wild chervil, wild beaked parsley, keck or Queen Anne's lace. 

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Vlog: Norfolk Day Trip (Video)

I took a trip around Norfolk visiting Castle Acre, Baconsthorpe Castle, Stifkey Saltmarsh and Wells-next-the-sea.

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Bluebells In The Woods (Video)

The bluebell is probably one of Britain’s best known wildflowers.

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Monty Halls Beachcomber Cottage Review (Video)

A review of the 2009 book Beachcomber Cottage by Monty Halls.

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Vegan Life Magazine May 2015 (Video)

Review of the Vegan Life Magazine May 2015 issue.

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